Why is Digital Marketing important?

Why Digital Marketing is important in every field of our life?

why digital marketing is important

In Brief :-

The reason why digital marketing has become the most important platform in 21st century is that everything has been turning into digital. In todays world, everything is done in smartphones and laptops. Each and every physical is being shifting into online. So, can you imagine the limit who has the skill of digital marketing, the value of him/her?  ( Let me know in the comment below )

So, lets know this business. Now where the idea came from and where are we taking? 

Lets take an example – targeting students who has passed 12 class. If they search career after 12,career options after 10 + 2,etc . Whenever these words are being searched by anyone, then 20 results are being shown. Can we develop any skill through we can get on top 5 of the 20 results shown? Is it possible or impossible ? It is possible. It takes hardly 2 to 3 months if we work on a website with focus. And the websites are very cheap in todays market. Its almost cost 0 investment. ( click below for the best experience for your website ) 

So, the one who have any knowledge or running a small business or startup with the skills of Digital Marketing and shared everything in the search engine, just imagine his reach and value. And it does not varies from countries to countries, it is same all over the world.  

So, in Today’s Digital Age , We can do anything unexpected through Internet Marketing or just say everything requires Digital Marketing.

This is why Digital Marketing is Important for a wealthy lifestyle  in todays’ generation.

Targeted Customer/Audience :-

Through online marketing we can target specific customers or audience. 

For example –

1. If you in a local business of a kids’ boutique selling baby clothes from new born till 6 years in a specific area, then you can target mothers with babies of required age via Google adds , Facebook adds, Instagram adds, etc, many more different platforms. Your add will directly be shown to the targeted mothers with babies of the specific age in that particular area when they will use internet service on any smartphone, laptop or desktop.

2. Another way is through Google Map listing – If you want to show your shop online then you can use Google my business. In here , you can give your shop details, items you sell, contact information and direction of your shop. Through this , if anyone in your area searches the items you sell, Your shop will be shown with full details and direction. 

 This is one way why digital marketing is important. You can target specific customer of any particular place.

Cost Effective :-

If you have budget of 100rs you can run add within it(for example) and show your add to those specific targeted audience or customers. Unlike running adds on television or newspaper in where you have to deal with a heavy budget and show your add to everyone who doesn’t even need your product/services. In Digital Marketing you can show your add only to those who will buy your product.

This is why Digital Marketing is important in where you can save lot of your budget and sell your products/services very easily. It is the most cheaper than any advertisements and so now a days most of company are occupying Digital Add services for marketing.

Tracking :-

Through digital marketing you can track your each and every details of your customer/audience. One of the best platform known as Google Analytics where you can track as many as details of the customer/audience you can like where is the customer from, whether he/she is a girl/boy, his/her age, what does he do, how much is he interested in your product/services, etc, etc.   

This is why Digital Marketing is important in todays world where you can track each and every step of your customer/audience visited your website and you can treat them accordingly with their needs and increase your sales/services. 

After knowing these 3 advantages of many, can you name one which has more value than this skill in todays world.

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