LongTail Pro – Is It A Trusty Companion or not?

LongTail Pro is an advanced SEO tool that is literally a boon to all the content creators and bloggers! It works like magic when it comes to fishing the perfect and the aptest keywords to make your blog views hit the mark. Its automated system suggests catchy phrases pertinent to your website or blog to get a top rank. It runs on Adobe Air and works efficiently both on Windows and Mac. In this review, we will discuss the pros, pricing, and special features of LongTail Pro and by the end of it you’ll figure out whether or not it is worth your investment.

LongTail pro


So, let’s begin with the merits of this tool and discuss why it is recommendable. Three of the most advantageous factors of LongTail are its effectiveness, user-friendliness, and its service.


The effectiveness of the tool is the most significant key and it reflects its ability to find the most effectual Long-Tail keywords for websites and blogs with varying contents. Apart from this basic facility, the tool also offers a detailed survey of your best competitors and the strategies used by them. The Rank Tracker feature aids in estimating the rank of the chosen keywords and also gives a detailed estimate of the average search volume and the tool additionally provides an analysis of 13 metrics and thus portraying all the schemes and tactics used by other websites and blogs for promoting their content. It is also highly effective in saving the time spent on research by almost 80% as it provides the best suggestions and information related to your content.


This tool is all about accessibility! It is extremely easy to understand how it works and does not include any complex options and does not require any sort of prerequisite to avail of the advanced or basic features. It is as easy to operate as opening it on your desktop and all you gotta do is enter the target keyword that you have in mind and within a few seconds, you will have the whole analysis presented before you in high detailing along with suggestions for upping your game! It barely takes a few minutes to install on your desktop and once done you can easily open your own personal account and you’re all set to start your journey of being a successful blogger or a website content creator!


Without a trace of doubt, LongTail provides one of the best customer services to all its users and offers various plans with advanced features that make this journey of being a creator easier and more fun. It offers various training to the users and explains each feature in detail along with giving instructions on how to avail those features while creating content. The tool also offers a wide range of FAQs and troubleshooting guides to solve every issue that a user might face while working on their content.


Since it is a professional SEO tool it does not offer any free trials and that is probably the biggest disadvantage. Another minor demerit is the requirement of manual entry of the keyword that needs to be ranked or search for.


So, the tool offers three distinctive plans, Annual Agency, Annual Pro, and Annual Starter. The basic rates of each of these plans are $147, $67, and $37 per month respectively. However, there are various discount offers and numerous promo codes that can be used for attaining this tool at a lesser price. The number of searches and the extent and time limit of the research varies with each plan. However, the features mostly remain the same. The Plug-and-play template system is the only feature that is not available in the Annual Starter Plan.


In this review, we will discuss some of the most common, loved, and used features of LongTail that have helped various content creators through their journey. This tool provides proper business strategies that aid the developers in gaining a larger volume of outreach.

Keyword Research

This particular feature is what the tool is famous for and most loved for. The process of keyword search is made easiest through this tool and the user is given a choice to choose a keyword from the list of top-ranking and most relevant keywords produced through this feature. Along with suggesting keywords, this feature also reveals the volume of each keyword and gives the option of bidding for a keyword with greater volume.

In-Depth Analysis

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