BEST YOUTUBE OPTIMIZATION TOOL: TubeBuddy – A friend in need?

BEST YOUTUBE OPTIMIZATION TOOL: TubeBuddy – A friend in need?


TubeBuddy, as the name suggests is supposedly a ‘buddy’ for YouTubers. This chrome extension has just the right tools to ease the bumpy journey of being an influencer or creator on YouTube. According to their official website, the software aids in the process of researching, publishing, optimizing, promoting, and finally testing. It is designed to offer better ideas that will help grow the channel, fish more views, and get more subscribers. This tool is pretty handy and successful in enhancing the quality of your channel and ensuring its steady growth. It is loaded with features that are extremely user friendly and also customizable to suit the nature of your channel and your creativity. If you have just started your journey in YouTube and struggling to get those lucky views and likes o if you have been on YouTube for long but haven’t noticed a good result yet, then TubeBuddy is the go-to option for you! The features on this extension will prevent you from making mistakes and actually boost the development of your channel. Hope you stick around to see what we are going to discuss next.

So, as you would have figured out by now, this is going to be yet another honest review of a very famous Chrome extension. We will be discussing the merits, the demerits, the costs, and the features. Let’s get started then!

Merits –

TubeBuddy is practically one of the most trusted and reliable extensions for those who are looking into building a future on YouTube or for those who just want to get across a message through their channels. Like we must about everything in life, let us first look at the bright side and discuss the merits of this extension. So, basically, if you are active on the internet and have a little bit idea about content creation then you only the value and significance of SEO! It is hard to be updated on everything that goes on in the World Wide Web and it is insane and unfair to ask your brain to store all of that in. This special extension keeps you updated and aids you in becoming a pro of the YouTube SEO. It will present you with an option that you make your creations fit in the optimization and gather more views in the shortest period of time. Now, a healthy completion is extremely important for any sort of business. You must be aware and well informed of your fellow content creators but then again there are so many creators out there with a variety of contents and it will probably take you ages to watch every single one of them through your analytic lenses. Don’t worry, TubeBuddy will come to your rescue, it analyses the whole world of the internet for you and makes sure that the title and thumbnail of your videos are a match to what’s trending. It is 100% safe and certified and thus you do not need to be worried about the legal stuff. Moving ahead, this extension offers around 70 different features all of which are specially designed to meet your needs and requirements. We will discuss the most principal features in the latter part of this review. However, various basic features are available in the free version of this extension thus you can always test it out! The best part of it is its user-friendliness.

Demerits –

To be very honest, there are barely any cons that would be worthy of making this list, however, to some the fact that most of the extremely helpful features are only available in the paid versions could be a negative factor. In addition to that, each channel is allowed to have only one license. Apart from these two points, you will find everything else about this channel to be in your favor.

Costs –

The free version of TubeBuddy includes all the basic features that are extremely helpful and handy and more than enough for simple edits and vlogs. The starting price of this extension is $9 per month and extends up to $49 depending upon the addition of features. The Star version costs $19 per month and the Legend costs $49. If your channel is in the starting stage then you also qualify for special discount offers. Thus, the whole point of this extension is to ensure your contentment and growth as a YouTuber!

Features –

Coming to the most crucial part of these reviews and let’s be honest, this is the part that matters the most too! It is basically impossible for a human mind to comprehend the algorithm of YouTube and this is a well-known fact not just for the creators but also for the developers! There are so many times when an irreverent video from almost a decade ago pops up in your recommendations without warning and you are left wondering how the weird brain (laymen term for the algorithm) of YouTube actually operates! Well, TubeBuddy does that job for you, and understanding the nature of YouTube suggests the best options for you. As mentioned above this extension is equipped with around 70 different features but for this particular review, we are only going to look into that handful of features which are the absolute favorites of numerous YouTubers and also are the most useful.

Keyword Explorer –

It is a universal truth that finding the perfect title is more than just a challenge and the process sometimes ends up draining the brain. For content that has to be uploaded on the internet which is already a brimming pool of contents, titles with the right and catchy keywords are EXTREMELY important! This extension provides you with the best suggestions that are guaranteed to make a good first impression and catch the eyes of those scrolling through their recommendations. This magical tool does in-depth research to come up with keywords that are most reliable and trustworthy for increasing your views and ultimately your subscribers. This extension offers a whole bunch of other YouTube SEO tools along with analytics and productivity tools which we will look into in just a moment.

Suggestive Tags –

As mentioned above, the extension does include a variety of YouTube SEO tools out of which we have already discussed one and moving on to the next one. The other tools are Best Time to Publish, SEO Studio, and Video A/B Testing. Anyways suggestive tags are helpful in fishing the perfect tags based on the principal target keyword. It displays the number of views the tags have aided in collecting in the other videos and suggests the ones that will suit your content the best and will help you climb up that view chart.

Videolytics –

Probably one of the coolest features there is. It helps you spy into the analytics of other YouTubers and creators. Thus, saves your time and also helps you in getting more ideas about how you can develop and enhance your content. This feature is also a bit sneaky and it provides you with the option of stealing other tags that are relevant to your content and thus increase your views.

Upload Checklist –

This wonderful feature is literally like a mom installed on your PC. It reminds you of what you have missed and makes sure you have done everything right. This checklist comprises of the most trivial and also the most significant parts of publishing your videos.

Thumbnail Generator –

Yet another necessary feature! The thumbnails on YouTube are often used as click baits which are not a very nice thing to do. This particular feature helps you find the best moment hidden in your video that will aid in attracting the eyes and interest of random scrollers. It generates the most seizing thumbnail by capturing that one perfect moment in your video that even you might have forgotten about.

While all these features can be enjoyed for free there are several others that are extremely helpful but can be found only in the paid versions (Star or Legend). These features include Video A/B testing that tests the reachability and popularity of your videos by checking out different thumbnails and other video features. Bulk Processing is yet another gem of a feature that you will have to pay for. This feature aids you in editing all your videos with just one click. You can insert a new description, a new product, and even mention the release of your latest videos along with its link in all the existing videos on your channel!

In conclusion, to answer the question in the title, TubeBuddy is definitely a friend in need and thus a friend indeed! Go check it out below and enjoy the success of your channel!!

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