Best Email Marketing Tool: Active Campaign [2020]

Best Email Marketing Tool: Active Campaign [2020]

Best Email marketing Tool – ActiveCampaign [ Review ]

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Honest Review of ActiveCampaign- Best of its kind?

If you are a regular user of the internet then you must be well aware of the abundance of software available and the never-ending demand for new and advanced versions of the same. The quality and performance of the software is determined by the features it offers and its user-friendliness. No one wants to use a complicated and complex software in which the user needs to tiptoe through the features. ActiveCampaign is supposedly one of the easiest software to use and adapt to and is also claimed to provide all the features one could ever need from a marketing tool.

If you have somehow found your way to this article then you must already know that ActiveCampaign is a business marketing tool that aids in connecting and engaging the customers with the dealers through Marketing Automation, Customer Relationship Management, and Email Marketing. So welcome to an honest and fair review of ActiveCampaign where you will find the in-depth details of all its features along with all the advantages and disadvantages of the software. In addition, I am also gonna try to provide you with certain tricks and tips that will help you work with ActiveCampaign. Let’s begin, shall we?

If you have spent a solid amount of time bouncing around one software to another trying to find that perfect one that does your job for you, then you won’t regret settling down with ActiveCampaign. Starting with the basics, this software is extremely easy to manage and subscribe to and guarantees 100% satisfaction at all times. Moving on to the basic services, the software provides a free training course to walk you through the features and what they are meant to this. Now, this particular service is extremely helpful as it comes in handy for all and sundry including the ones with minimum technological knowledge. The users are also provided with easy and effective community access (that’s the whole point of the software though) and are offered various guides and templates making the whole process easy to understand. The software also facilitates numerous pre-built automation recipes and prioritizes the requirements of the user.

Let’s break the review into segments that will help you understand every aspect of the software in detail. I’m going to leave the comparison part to you as we are going to focus entirely and solely on ActiveCampaign. Now, this software is ideal for business purposes and offers a versatile platform to its users to avail of various deal-breaking features that will help them reach out to their customers or clients with ease. Here, you’ll find the review for all the three major facets of ActiveCampaign, Customer Relationship Management, Email Marketing, and Marketing Automation.  We’re gonna break into segments of – Customization; Deliverability; Automation; Variability; and finally, Pricing.


The coolest and the best thing about ActiveCampaign is the fact that you can basically do whatever you want with this software in hand. The height of customization it provides makes the whole process almost effortless. You can build your marketing ideas in the email marketing and CRM of the software. The templates offered by the software do not limit your creativity and thus allows you to personalize your emails according to your business. Along with having the facility to customize your admin panel, public site, and the appearance of the software, you can also customize the headers and footers of the emails you send your customers. You can also insert personalization tags in the mails thus personalizing the mail to each of your clients. The software gives you the freedom to create as many custom fields as you desire and the ones it offers by default include, Text Input, Text Area, Date, Drop-down menu, Multi-Selection list, Radio Buttons, and Checkboxes. The process of creating and adding new custom fields are also extremely simple and quick!


Deliverability is the key factor that you usually look into when you are hunting for the perfect email auto-responder or email marketing software. So, as far as deliverability is considered, ActiveCampaign absolutely aces it! Most of the software there is send your mail straight to the spam and you are given the burden to remind your customers and clients to keep checking their spam mail to get notified which is a terrible headache both for you and for your customers. ActiveCampaign eases your pain by sending your mail directly to the inbox of your clients. Now, based on your target demographic you can also customize the mail as discussed in the first point and make sure that they are delivered in a manner that catches the attention and interest of your targets.


Automation is yet another extremely significant feature that gives ActiveCampaign its fame and makes it the very best. The software facilitates a series of automation templates that can be easily imported into the user account. Each automation recipe offered by the software is specifically designed keeping in mind the variety of needs and demands of the user and thus guarantee ultimate satisfaction. It aids in saving an ample amount of time and also reduces work fatigue by a HUGE measure! Even though the templates offered to miss your personal touch, they are easily customizable and thus you can use them according to the nature of your business. The software has numerous updated versions of the automation recipes to give you more incredible ideas for expanding the horizon of your marketing and also for saving you time and effort.


You can add a list of unlimited contacts to your customized ActiveCampaign account. To increase your click rate it is highly significant to ensure that the content of your mail is appropriate to the recipient. Sending the wrong mail to the wrong person could prove fatal to your business and ActiveCampaign offers the easiest features to prevent that from happening, ever! You can provide five different text variations for the same predictive content and thus you can send the right version to the right recipient without having to tweak with each mail independently.


Now, we have reached to (probably) the most important part of the review. Don’t worry! You won’t be disappointed. ActiveCampaign offers a wide range of plans out of which you can choose the one that suits your business and marketing plans the best. The software allows a free trial for 14 days in which you can test all the basic features and enjoy the true essence of the software. The plans offered include Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise. The Lite plan will cost you $9 per month and facilitate your account with features that include sending unlimited emails with no daily limits. You can also enjoy email marketing, sending the newsletter, marketing automation, and have up to 3 (multi) users for your account. You can also send subscription forms and chat with your clients along with providing email support. In the Plus plan ($49/month) you obviously get to enjoy all the previously mentioned features along with which you can also expand the horizon of your marketing through social media and SMS outreach and ads. Your account can be accessed by 25 users and track the engagement of your customers. At the price of $129 per month you can sign up for the Professional plan in which you are facilitated with predictive emails and contents, split automation, and advanced training sessions along with other highly efficient features, and now up to 50 users can access your account. At $229 you can enjoy the ultimate Enterprise plan which allows plenty of customization and personalization along with unlimited services for rendering support to your customers and increasing the impression of your marketing.

In Conclusion, ActiveCampaign is without a doubt the best marketing tool and software presently available and one that won’t make you regret choosing it. It not only guarantees your satisfaction but also that of your customers and is built to provide the best features that will meet every demand of your clientele. They are extremely user-friendly and gives you the opportunity to put it to test through the free trial so go and check it out! CLICK HERE


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